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1 Block = -500pts
2 Blocks = 0pts
3 Blocks = 90pts
4 Blocks = 160pts
5 Blocks = 250pts
6 Blocks = 360pts
7 Blocks = 490pts
8 Blocks = 640pts
See a pattern?

Blocks can only be matched horizontal and vertical from the mouse position.

You are game tester number 720!
This page is currently under development (yea like RIGHT NOW) so if you happen to get a load of the page that is broken or unformatted chances are I accidently uploaded a glitch! Just refresh the page or visit back in 5-10 minutes! Thanks ;o)
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Lesshardtofind said:
Thanks for playing!

Oompa Loompa said:
Don't make fun of short people!

John said:
Hire me!

Bobby said:
Sweet game man!

Sara said:
Oh you fixed the glitch where the background doesn't scroll with the comment box. Cool!

No One said:

YB Plumbing said:
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